Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Thinking about selling your home soon?

Consider doing a pre-listing home inspection! The majority of home inspections typically get done just before a house is sold conditionally. It has been normal in Toronto and GTA for potential buyers to obtain their own inspections and do their due diligence to satisfy themselves prior to the closing of the transaction. However, with multiple offers and bidding wars becoming a new norm in today’s hot market, it is advantageous for a seller to have a pre-listing home inspection.

Home inspections can reveal any issues that might become a concern when negotiating the purchase and sale of a home. The pre-listing inspection helps prepare the seller’s home and avoid surprises that might potentially hinder or pro-long the closing. This inspection may also be shown to potential buyers. This may provide them with a sense of assurance with their offer and purchase. They may also choose to get their own inspection, but you can have the confidence that few or no issues will be found.

How to Prepare for the Home Inspection:

Have the areas around doors, windows, furnace, water heater, HVAC, appliance, and so on, cleared to allow easy access for the home inspector.

Allow the inspector to work with no more than one person, two max around as too many people complicate the process.

As the home owner, you will benefit greatly from what you will learn as a result of the early inspection. While doing it yourself is an option, hiring a home inspector is a very good option. You will be able to rest easy, knowing that you have had any issues with your property identified and corrected before the home is open to potential buyers. In the event that a costly issue is revealed, you will have the opportunity to spread the work and cost over several months prior to listing your now up-dated home.

If you do hire a professional, make sure they’re licensed and qualified. Ask them about their experience and qualifications – you’ve got every right to know. Ask for references. If you can, try to be present during the inspection, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may come up.

The report should have a lot of pages – not just a summary. Pictures need to be included so issues are clearly identified.

Why not consider doing your own home inspection prior to the time of listing, to enable you to identify and correct issues that might otherwise result in lost revenue from the sale of your property or even a lost sale opportunity?

Let’s be frank: your goal and mine is to maximize your return from the sale of your property! So why not remove any impediments before you start the sales process?

With the inspection and upgrades completed, you can list your home knowing that you have done the best you can to prepare for a smooth selling process.

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